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Our work began by fighting the Prop 22 Knight Initiative against marriage equality in 2000.

With that effort the GLBT Alliance was founded. Since that time, the GLBT Alliance and our

membership has worked at the local, state and federal levels to support LGBTIQ civil rights.

Membership with the GLBT Alliance is annual. All community supporters, and all annual members are invited to participate in all our public events. However, only our annual members are able to participate in our full candidate endorsements.

Annual membership dues are $25 per person, or $35 for a family membership. Your membership is invaluable to us, and while your contribution of annual membership dues helps us fund our LGBTIQ political work, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Banning Non-Essential Travel to States with Anti-LGBTIQ Laws
Assisting our City and County jurisdictional leaders to craft and implement City and County employee non-essential travel bans to states like North Carolina and Mississippi, in response to their recent discriminatory and anti-LGBTQ laws.

Supporting LGBTIQ State and Federal Legislation
Whether it is promoting EQCA's 2017 CA State Legislative Packet, educating the community on changing House, Senate, agency or executive order policies, we use social media and email communications to keep our members informed and engaged.

​​Marriage Equality

From the Knight Initiative of 2000 through 2008’s “No on Prop 8” campaign and through to the 2015 decision by the United States Supreme Court upholding marriage equality for all.

Protecting LGBTIQ Youth
Helping local leaders understand and implement state laws to protect LGBTQ youth in our schools.

Immigration Reform
Educating our members of Congress on the impacts on LGBTQ Bi-National Couples.

HIV/AIDS Education and Advocacy
Supporting evidence-based research and practices in local programs to help stop the spread of HIV and other blood-borne diseases.

Transgender Issues
Ensuring local leaders know of new and pending anti-discrimination policies that empower transgender individuals and their health care, legal documentation needs, workplace and civil rights, and combating anti-transgender legislation around the nation.

Advocacy for LGBTIQ Seniors
Advocating for policies and funding to help social service providers learn of the unique needs of the aging LGBTQ population and how to best serve us in our elder years.​​​​

​​Endorsing and helping elect progressive, LGBTIQ allied candidates for local, state and federal office
Every election cycle, we distribute questionnaires to candidates filing for office, asking them about issues of concern to the LGBTQ community. We publish completed questionnaires on line so that they are accessible to you, and invite our members to endorse candidates who best promote our platforms.