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Who Can Get Endorsed in the June 2018 Election?
On March 9, 2018, the GLBT Alliance sent questionnaires to every candidate who filed to run for local election. If a candidate did not submit a completed questionnaire by the deadline, they are not included for our membership's endorsement.

How Does the June Endorsement Process Work?

On March 19, paid GLBT Alliance members received an email invitation to review completed candidate questionnaires, along with the Steering Committee's endorsement recommendations, and to vote (Survey Monkey) for the candidate(s) in each race they want to endorse. Members had until 8 pm on Friday, March 23rd to vote. With the results now in, our membership endorses the following candidates, by votes of at least 50% plus one, for the June election: 

GLBT Alliance Endorsed Candidates for the June 2018 Election:​​

Jimmy Panetta, Incumbent and Democratic Candidate for Congress, District 20 - ENDORSED!

Mark Stone, Incumbent and Democratic Candidate for Assembly, District 29 - ENDORSED!

Robert Rivas, Democratic Candidate for Assembly, District 30 - ENDORSED!

Ryan Coonerty, Incumbent and Democratic Candidate for County Supervisor, District 3 - ENDORSED!

Jimmy Dutra, Democratic Candidate for County Supervisor, District 4 - ENDORSED!

Syda Cogliati, Democratic Candidate for Santa Cruz Superior Court Judge - ENDORSED!

Jenni Veitch-Olson, Democratic Candidate for Watsonville CIty Council, District 2 - ENDORSED!

Additionally, the GLBT Alliance Steering Committee is recommending YES on S! which is a 1/4% increase in a City of Santa Cruz sales tax to offset a growing shortfall in the City’s budget.

Additional Questionnaires

In addition to these endorsements and recommendations, the following candidates submitted questionnaires for consideration. While they did not receive a majority vote (50% + 1), please review and consider their feedback as you vote this June:

Doug Deitch, Democratic Candidate for Congress, District 20

Neil Kitchens, Republican Candidate for Assembly, District 30

Steve Pleich, Democratic Candidate for County Supervisor, District 3

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